Trailer or Truck?

Culinary Coachworks does offer trucks,


Why have a Trailer instead of a Truck?

  • Trailers are almost HALF the cost of a truck. A truck is $45,000 to $50,000 before you put in a kitchen. Most builders are charging a minimum of $55,000 for a basic kitchen. This means making an investment of $100,000 or more before your first plate is ever served. On the other hand, a complete basic trailer could be yours for as little as $45,000.
  • WHEN your truck breaks down, you are out of business until it’s fixed. Most repairs will take 3 to 4 days best-case scenario. When you are pulling a trailer and your truck breaks down, just unhook the trailer, rent a truck, hook up again and go on. You’re an hour late but still making money. You won’t have to experience the loss of food stock and revenue, in addition to paying expensive repairs and food replenishment.
  • Why pay $50,000 more when you are in fixed locations? Current trends for mobile food facilities (MFF’s) are working single stop venues and not multiple stops in one day.
  • There is more space for storage.
  • Larger hallways, sometimes over 36”.
  • Multiple doors for entry/exit and for ease of operation.
  • Trailers can support a larger output of product than trucks can. More output means more money. And with the inclusion of a support vehicle to pull the trailer, your potential output could be TRIPLED.

Why Choose a Truck over a Trailer?

  • You have a lot of extra money to spend.
  • You want to look like the people in the movies and T.V.
  • Multiple locations everyday (Devil’s Advocate, some people still do multiple locations in trailers).